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ECO CAREĀ  Maldives is an independent non-profit-making non-governmental organization, which works for the protection and sustainable development of the environment. When viewed in proper perspective, especially within view of its main objective- that of creating and increasing environmental awareness among the population of the Maldives- the organization has existed for a considerable period of time within the community. From being the first non-governmental voice that asked everybody to protect and preserve the marine turtle within Maldives territory, from being a major non- governmental organization that called for the protection of the sharks and the grouper, from being an active participant in the protection of our natural reefs, from being a strong proponent of preserving the diversity of life in our ecosystem, from being a provider of environmental awareness resource materials and consultancy to schools, the tourism sector and whoever else that asks, from being an organization that commands respect and friendship from many an international organization, it is difficult to ascertain as to where success lies. The greatest success, perhaps, lies in the intangible aura of understanding and respect that young people in the Maldives appear to have developed for themselves- a phenomenon that ECOCARE has always actively subscribed and contributed to. The organization remains focused and committed to its highly practical approach to promoting environmental awareness in an active manner in the Maldives. However, whenever the need arises in the carrying out of an active exercise, ECOCARE has the unique privilege of calling upon a formidable reserve of volunteer partners from all profession walks of life. It is a matter of organizational pride that most who work with the organization for the first time on a given assignment choose to remain on call for a second opportunity. ECOCARE is much in their debt. ECOCARE also owes a great debt to a selected group of gracious and valued sponsors that have bolstered the organization in its practical undertakings.

Project team: 
Hinna Khalid

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