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Asian Disaster Preparedness Center


The Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC), an independent, non-profit foundation registered in Thailand, has served as the leading international focal point for disaster preparedness and mitigation in the Asia and the Pacific regions. The primary geographical focus of ADPC’s activities is Asia with the South, South East and East Asia being the primary sub regions. Since its inception in 1986, the Centre has been providing technical assistance, training and meeting information needs of governments and local groups working at community level, multilateral and bilateral development programmes regional bodies and forums. From this broad audience, over 6,000 officials from of the Asia-Pacific region have attended courses organized and run by ADPC, ranging from senior officials of government ministries and departments to the staff from academic and technical institutions, UN agencies and NGOs. ADPC programs encompass a wide diversity in application, address all types of hazards and cover all aspects of the risk management spectrum – from prevention and mitigation, through preparedness and response, to rehabilitation and reconstruction. ADPC activities are implemented by 6 specialized technical teams; Climate Change and Climate Risk Management (CCCRM), Disaster Risk Assessment and Monitoring (DRAM), Disaster Risk Management Systems (DRMS), Public Health in Emergencies (PHE), Resilient Cities and Urban Risk Management (RCURM) and Safer Development Planning and Implementation.

Project team: 
N.M.S.I. Arambepola
Rishiraj Dutta
Senaka Basnayake
ADPC will be the WP2 lead in the identification of societal challenges (for this South Asian Region in line with key themes of Horizon 2020). APDC had been appointed to lead this very important WP based on their experience in all the countries that have been identified through this call – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives. ADPC enjoys status in all these countries and is well placed for policy formation and creating dialog and currently has active projects in these countries. This is the main reason for their inclusion in this project irrespective of their registered status in Thailand. Accordingly, ADPC will not be carrying out in Thailand as part of this project but will assist USAL, the lead partner, on the project implementation including WP2 lead role (and also active contribution towards all other WPs) in all the project beneficiary countries in the South Asian region.

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