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Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities


Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities (Organization incorporated under the Companies Act No 07 of 2007 -  GA 2176. Driven by the passion of serving the people, the three independent associations constituted by the leaders of local authorities in Sri Lanka National Chapter of Mayors, United Urban Council Associations and All Island Pradeshiya Sabha Chairmen’s association established the Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities as the umbrella organization for the three associations on 27 may 2007. Its objectives include: To co-ordinate a unified approach among Local Government Authorities in Sri Lanka to resolve common issues and develop participatory governance for the well being of citizen; To increase the voices and effective participation of councilors in Local Government planning, development and decision making within the framework of participatory democracy and an associative spirit; and to strengthen the functioning and capacity of Local Government Authorities, and facilitate co-operation among all tiers for effective service delivery and development at all levels

Sri Lanka
Project team: 
Hemanthi Goonasekera
Rajah Shanmugarajah
FSLL will be the Sri Lanka country leader and will be supported by UoM, other partner from Sri Lanka and will lead on its activities in preparing country papers on Stakeholder mapping for identified societal challenges within WP3. In addition, FSLL will actively contribute to WP2,4 & 5. Federation networks with similar groups; learn and share experience; conduct research studies; provide training and capacity building ;and be an advocacy group for good governance in Sri Lanka and their this pivotal role will help the proposed project in a big way.

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