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Volunteers for Development Nepal


Vfdnepal is registered as a non-profit organisation under the District Administration Office (DAO) of the Government of Nepal (DAO Reg. No. 838). It is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) and registered at PAN (PAN No. 302759114) in Internal Land Revenue Office.

Primarily, Vfdnepal started working with poor and disadvantaged people to stop child marriage and early pregnancy and promote girls schooling when it was initiated in 2007. However, it currently broadened its areas of work in –

Working areas:

  1. Primary health including maternal and child health and education
  2. Water and sanitation includes environment sanitation (with some basic information of Global Warming)
  3. Poverty alleviation (improving livelihood) through micro credit and small entrepreneurship
  4. HIV/AIDS and SRH
  5. Gender Based Violence
  6. Advocacy and Human Rights, etc

The organisation is solely managed by a group of experienced and skilful women who have sufficient working experience of government as well as local and international NGO such as International Nepal Fellowship, Comprehensive Health Program (missionary in India), World Education, etc.

Project team: 
Basanta Kumar Parajuli
VFD will contribute to WP 2,3,4 & 5. VDF will provide support to partner 10, who is the Nepal country lead in compiling the country-based report/s.

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