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Institute of Engineering

Centre for Disaster Studies

Institute of Engineering (IOE), which was founded in 1930 as a technical school, is one of the five technical institutes within the  Tribhuvan University which is a government university. IoE offers an impressive range of academic courses and Masters in Disaster Risk Management is one of them.  Centre of Disaster Studies (CDS) is one of the research centers of IoE which was established in 2003 and is located in the premises of IOE at Pulchowk. The centre was established in order to conduct research and develop human resources in the area of disaster risk reduction in the country.

Project team: 
Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel
Dr. Jishnu Kumar Subedi
Ajay C. Lal
Inu Pradhan Salike
IOE will be the country leader (within WP1) for Nepal and is the nominated representative to lead project activities undertaken within Nepal. It, as the country coordinator, will liaise directly with the Project Coordinator; Coordinate the organisation of data collection and dissemination activities within their country; Report to the Work package leaders on the progress and on-going activities associated with the delivery of work package activities in their country; and will compile the national position paper (WP2) and national stakeholder map (WP3). In addition, IOE will also contribute to WP4 & WP5. In terms of its experiences, it is C currently a member of CNRD network which is a partnership of 11 universities from 10 countries. CNRD is a knowledge hub and network regarding issues on assessing and managing the natural resources base as prerequisite for sustainable development ( They are also partner to many other academic collaborations such as Eurasian University Network for International Collaboration in Earthquake (

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