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Patuakhali Science and Technology University


Patuakhali Science and Technology University is a government financed public university in Patuakhali, Bangladesh. PSTU has given affiliation to the Barisal Government Veterinary College as its constituent faculty. This is the only science and technological university in Barisal division. The PSTU campus is at Dumki Upazila under Patuakhali district. It is about 15 kilometers north from Patuakhali district town The Department of Environmental Science at the Patuakhali science and Technology University has established in 2007 to satisfying the objectives of Climate, Ecology and Forest Science based research. The PSTU, being only the University of Bangladesh Coast are engaged in mangrove-ocean-climate interactions, Agriculture, river pollution, thermal fluctuations of different places, air and water quality based research.

Project team: 
Ahmed Parvez
Prof. A.K.M. Mostafa Zaman
PSTU will be the country leader (within WP1) for Bangladesh and is the nominated representative to lead project activities undertaken within Bangladesh. It as the country coordinator will Liaise directly with the Project Coordinator; Coordinate the organisation of data collection and dissemination activities within their country; Report to the Work package leaders on the progress and on-going activities associated with the delivery of work package activities in their country; and will compile the national position paper (WP2) and national stakeholder map (WP3). In addition, PSTU will also contribute to WP4 & WP5. PSTU is a project partner of “Community Engagement in Risk Erosion of Bangladesh for Live Long Advantages (CEREBELLA)”, a project funded by British Council collaborating with the University of Salford, UK.

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