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Nangarhar University


Nangarhar University is the second largest university and it is one of the highly renowned universities in Afghanistan. It has been serving in the eastern zone of the country for the last 47 years in training professionals in different fields to serve in public and private sectors. It has presented many well-trained professionals to the region and society who are constantly busy fostering and serving to bring about the rehabilitation, education, and peace keeping in the country. In addition, they are proud to call themselves as NU graduates.

NU has thirteen (13) faculties i.e. Medical, Engineering, Agricultural, Economics, Language and Literature, Sharia & Law, Political Science, Veterinary Sciences, Computer Science, journalism, public administration, Science and Education. Its Campus is located in the western part of Jalalabad city near Darnunta off the Kabul-Jalalabad Road. The Kabul River and Jalalabad electrical Power dam have given a natural beauty to the University Campus. Its landscape includes a huge area, Gardens, parks, river and various kinds of vegetation.

The University is recognized as a respected institution in the community and the strategic plan committee has exchanged ideas with its leaders.  The leadership of the University is active in the formal and informal functions in Jalalabad City, in part to encourage the city to incorporate the university in its own vision and to build close links between the university and the community.  The chancellor of the university is an active member of the Provincial Administrative Council which discusses matters in Nangarhar Province, including the university, once a week.    It also holds meeting with several international organizations, soliciting their contribution in rehabilitation of the university.

Nangarhar University is an academic higher education institution. It aims to educate a new generation in different disciplines in order to serve the society, region and the world.  In addition, it endeavors to lead in providing solutions to the current issues and problems through research. All in all, NU strives to be among the leading institutions to bring about peace, solidarity, dignity and prosperity to the society.

Engineering faculty is one of oldest faculties of this institution with more than 1000 students. Currently the faculty only has the civil department but in 2013, University is planning to establish three more departments like, Architecture, transportation and electrical departments.  It currently offers (B.Sc.). In Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Sciences, and Computer Sciences.

Project team: 
Dr. Bayer Dermal
Asst Prof. Sharifullah Sherzaman
NU will be the country leader (within WP1) for Afghanistan and is the nominated representative to lead project activities undertaken within Afghanistan. It, as the country coordinator, will liaise directly with the Project Coordinator; Coordinate the organisation of data collection and dissemination activities within their country; Report to the Work package leaders on the progress and on-going activities associated with the delivery of work package activities in their country; and will Compile the national position paper (WP2) and national stakeholder map (WP3). In addition, NU will also contribute to WP4 & WP5.

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