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Foundation for Strategic Research


The Foundation for Strategic Research is a non-profit independent think tank established in Paris since 1993. FRS is composed by a multidisciplinary team of 15 full-time researchers – Political Sciences, Sociology, Pharmacy, etc. and a dozen of associated researchers.

The FRS’s main study areas are:

  • Homeland security  and security of citizens, including crisis management and technological issues,
  • Environmental and Health issues in relation with security,  
  • The nature of crises and conflicts,
  • Security and Defense policies and doctrines.

The core missions of the Foundation for Strategic Research are:

  • to advise decision-makers through policy-oriented studies,
  • to carry out research on security or defense issues,
  • to foster the debate on strategic issues by organizing public and closed events. 
Project team: 
Alexandre Taithe
Elisande Nexon
FRS will contribute WP 2, 4, & 5. They have key expertise linking with Horizon 2020 key challenges that have been identified including: Inclusive, innovative and secure societies; Health, demographic change and wellbeing; and Secure, clean and efficient energy. This expertise will be a real benefit towards the success of the proposed project. FRS has been and is still involved as a partner or as coordinator in a number of security related studies commissioned by the European Commission via the Preparatory Actions in the field of Security Research (PASR) and the Framework Programmes for Research and Development (FP6 and FP7) – for example, SeNTRE, ISCAPS, Eurocop, BIO3R, CBRNEmap. Several researchers are currently involved in the FP7 project “ANVIL” (Analysis of Civil Security Systems in Europe).

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