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Bologna University

Department of Managerial Sciences

The University of Bologna was probably the first University in the western world. Its history is one of great thinkers in science and the humanities, making it an indispensable point of reference in the panorama of European culture. It  is the core of Bologna Process particularly in the harmonization of various systems of European higher education. On 19 June 1999, the ministries of higher education from 29 European countries met in Bologna to underwrite an important agreement. That document, known as the Declaration of Bologna, initiated an important and presently irreversible process to harmonize the various European systems of higher education: the Bologna Process. UNIBO has more than 4.000 Professors and Researches in different Branches. DISA manages around the 30%, as Grant Holder and Partner , of Tempus Projects undertaken by the University of Bologna. DISA has several agreements with foreign Universities and manages many international projects under different funding programmes: TEMPUS, Central European Initiatives, Italian Ministry of University and Research, Framework 7 and INTERREG.  The main topic of these initiatives is the modernization of higher education system in transition countries particularly as it concerns the creation and the development of a network among Universities, Associations and other stakeholders as Research Centre, Local Governments interested in the curriculum, ECTS and PhD development.

Project team: 
Massimo Bianchi Full Professor and Project Unit Responsible
Francesco Maria Barbini Lecturer
Laura Tampieri Research Fellow
Gabriella Paganelli MSC and Project Assistant
Daniele Valli Casadei MSC and Lecture Assistant
UNIBO will provide input to WP 2,4, & 5 along with other European project partners. Its experience in managing and contributing to a large number of projects and its input towards forming Horizon 2020 strategic framework will undoubtedly be a real benefit towards the success implementation of the proposed project.

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