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Tallinn University of Technology


TUT is the only university in engineering and technology in Estonia. This fact contributes to the University's strategic positioning. It has established a well-rooted engineering education tradition and experience in supporting international student exchanges, systems and facilities to support students coming over to TUT. Department of Building Production of TUT is tightly involved in the core and special studies of construction engineering and management and are responsible for the fulfilment of civil engineering curricula. Its profile is tightly connected with resource efficiency and innovative technologies in construction. It has established long lasting cooperation with a number of construction and property organisations in Estonia. This ensures research, distance and lifelong learning courses being in touch with current construction requirements and focused on partnership to improve industry practice through innovations. This project is in line with the strategic aim of TUT which is to provide educational, research and innovation services in the fields of engineering and entrepreneurship, which are internationally competitive. 

Project team: 
Professor Irene Lill
Prof Roode Liias
Dr Emlyn Witt
Erki Soekov
TUT will contribute towards WP 2, 4, & 5 and will play a key role in project findings dissemination in association with WP5 and will also bring in expertise on resources efficiency and raw materials to this project. TUT has experience in working with South Asian region. They have been a key part of the EURASIA - EURopean and ASIan Infrastructure Advantage project funded by the EU Asia Link Programme. We look forward to playing our part in the success of this project and be more responsive to the societal challenges in developing new and convincing solutions to today’s important societal problems.

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